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  Suitable for, PVC tape, kraft paper tape, cloth material tape, opp tape, electrical tapes and core.

Special Features

  1. Two roll-cutting shafts turreted for fast loading and unloading of log rolls and continuous operations.
  2. Operation settings and cutting widths can be stored in memory and are adjustable with high precision indexing by servo motor driving a precision ball screw.
  3. PLC control with operator screen for simple and swift operation.
  4. Precision linear quides for knife assembly.
  5. Cutting shaft driven by frequency controlled AC motor and the rotation speeds are stepless adjustable.
  6. Knife actuation available in pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder with hydraulic stabilization, hydraulic cylinder, or servo motor.
  7. Knife type including razor, non-driven circular blade, or AC motor driven circular blade.
  8. Self diagnostic and fault indication to minimize troubleshooting down time.
  9. Knife housing designed to allow for fast and accurate operator adjustments, enhancing the quality of cut surfaces.
  10. Optional production management function.


CT-700 CT-1300 CT-1600
Maximum cut roll width 700mm 1300mm 1600mm
Minimun cut roll width 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Inner diameter of paper tube 25~77mm 32~77mm 38~77mm
Maximum cut roll diameter 3" paper tube 180mm 3" paper tube 180mm 3" paper tube 180mm
Roll cutting speed 3~20 PCS/min 3~20 PCS/min 3~20 PCS/min
Supply air pressure requirement 6 kgf/cm 6 kgf/cm 6 kgf/cm


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