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   Strip , laminate, slit composite materials (PET-Teflon coating) or film material, trademarks, low adhesive tape.


  1. It have four Diameter φ3 "inflatable shaft , stripping -> unwinding -> fitting → slitting ->rewinding at one time.
  2. Pneumatic sliding knife, easy to operate.
  3. Scissors-type activities up and down round knife imported from Japan, wear-resisting, long life, can be adjusted sub-section width.
  4. Electronic control system by Mitsubishi Precision tension control.
  5. Spiral arm type unwind stand can be adjusted around before and after, conveniently upload and unload semi-finished


Working width 1300mm(Max)
Speed 80m/min(Max)
Unwinder diameter φ500(Max)
Rewinder diameter φ300(Max)
Second Unwinder Diameter φ300(Max)
Second Rewinder Diameter φ300(Max)
Slit Type Scissors-type activities up and down round knife
Slit Width

Activities knife 18mm-1300mm.
Fixed knife 5mm-1300mm

Laminating Pneumatic cylinder up and down fit wheel


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