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  For a special purpose slitting and rewinding of trademark paper , release paper and normal paper.


  1. Specialized machine for the slitting and rewinding of adhesive tapes with rewind diameter of up to 1200mm . This machine is used to prepare working rolls for MICRO SLITTING Spooling machine.
  2. Dual rewinding shafts.
  3. DC motor drive system with excellent tension stability.
  4. Unwind tension control by a single electro-magnetic powder brake.Automatic tension control system with manual setting adjustments.
  5. Spring loaded circular score knives are standard.

Optional Equipment

  1. Edge position control system for unwind station.
  2. Pneumatic expanding shafts for unwind station.


Semifinished Product Width 800~1600mm
Semifinished Product Diameter 1000mm
Speed 250m/min
End product Diameter φ 600mm
End product paper tube diameter φ3"
Rewinder Style Center surface rewinding
Slitting Style

up and down knife round

Slitting Width min.20mm
Tension range 20~85kg


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