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For the slitting of various kinds of flexible packing materials and self adhesive tapes.

Special Features :

  1. Cantilevered rewind shafts, swingable on one side for easy load/unloading, and space and labor saving design.
  2. Razor blades and score knives standard for slitting wide range of materials.
  3. Center rewind with individual lay-on rollers to ensure equal wound density for each individual daughter roll even from uneven master roll.
  4. Individual differential core shaft can rewind uneven web. Automatic tension control to achieve perfect rewind tension.
  5. Unwind stand with movable side arms can be installed with automatic web guide (edge guide or line guide), also possible to have unwind base at rear of the machine.


Working width
1000 mm
1300 mm
1600 mm
0~250 m/min
0~250 m/min
Min. slitting width
20 mm
20 mm
20 mm
Max. unwind dia.
800 mm
800 mm
800 mm
Max. rewind dia.
400 mm
400 mm
400 mm


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