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Perfect quality of Business

  Market needs evolve with time, thus driving manufacturers to const-antly improve and innovate. Since the founding of Pro Accutech, coa-ting and converting machineries have been a major part of the com-pany business.

  Tireless development effort in the past decade have transformed our machines from no-frill simple de-signs to fully automated, com-puterized equipment. In addition, to help our customers solve environ-mental problems resulted from increased productivity and stricter requlations, we provide well designed pollution reduction and elimination equipment.

Our expertise can be categorized into the following product groups

  • Adhesive tape manufacturing equip-ment, production technologies and plant layout.
  • Laminating and coating equip-ments for producing specialized adhesive tape and materials for electronic industries.
  • Log cutting machines, slitting re-winders, and packaging equip-ment.
  • System integration and design of volatile organic solvent(VOC) pol-lution abatement equipment such as solvent recovery, thermal oxi-dizer, waste heat recovery.
  • System integraton and design of waste water treatment equipment.
  • Engineering and implementation service for industrial controls and automation.
  • Special built-to-order engineering projects.


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